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Security Guards

Apolo Security is offering you high quality services of guarding your properties, facilities, business areas, stores, yards, private properties, buildings, working spaces of any kind, agricultural properties, river, lake and sea fishing facilities, forest areas, hunting areas, parking lots, malls and all of your valuable properties. Off course while you are in the guarded facilities our security guards are guarding your and life of your employees. Every one of our security guards is government licensed guard, trained and professional in execution of all security tasks. Our security guards are granites of quality and professionalism. In order of continuously progression and development we are in constant upgrade of our staff knowledge trough special series of supervision and guidance events.

We offer a distinctive service of guarding your properties while you are at home or at travel combined with state of the art Alarm and CCTV technology which enables us to react on unwonted events fast and accurate by our intervention teams and our emergency call centre.


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Apolo Security has developed a unique an services of guarding your elders and helping them in everyday fashion also coupled with SOS alarms, GPS devices, CCTV systems and Alarm systems. We can provide every daycare and security for your family members that are living alone and we can take care of the security of your elders on daily basis.
For a retail business, we can provide guards in civilian clothes so they can more easily detect tight of goods and easily catch those who want to steal from your stores. We have some our own unique ideas about the retail protection that are more cost-effective for securing your stores and please feel free to contact us for a presentation of new unique retail business protection.

Apolo Security also can provide you with a certified alcohol consumption testing of your employees if your company has such directives. Many times it is much easier to alcohol-test employees with a security company to avoid attacks on your personnel and unnecessary problems with persons under influence.

Apolo Security can provide specially trained guards for tasks such as guarding your facilities in high-risk zones and in high-risk countries. Those guards are highly trained and reliable professionals that can cope with the harsh environment and difficult tasks of guarding in high-risk zones.

Apolo Security has a strong partners and thats why we can provide money transfer of any kind. If your company need armoured vehicles for money and other valuable transport we can provide the service with armed guards and armoured cars/vans/trucks dependable on your needs and possibilities.




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