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Investigation Services – Private Detective

Our private detective services are available across the whole EU but even around other countries to. We can serve as advisory and information gahtering power for your purpouses worldwide. In our investigation services we are conducting evry our action according the laws and regulations of our country and European Union. We can provide you state of the art investigative service but for this we need your maximal cooperation and cooperation. We can offer you a global reach with investigative services trought our partners network, that means that there is no place in the world that we can not go to investigate.

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How does it work in reality. After the client state the problems to be resolved by our help, we conduct more detail interview with client to pisk up as mish details about problem and person causing it. Than the contract for Private detctive Services is signed beetween client and us, and special letter of grant rights to conduct investigation in behalf oy the client is signed also beetwen our agency and client. Afhter that we conduct investigation and upon end of investigtion we present to our client a special report with all collected informations attahced with all gathered documents, inforations, photograpsh, sketches and other evidneces if needed.




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Apolo Security s.l.l.c. is offering to you top quality private detective services:

  • Marital infidelity investigation
Insurance frauds investigation
  • Private person frauds investigation
Business frauds investigation
  • Actual physical checkings
  • Bacground checking
  • Checkings of security measures
  • Missing person’s investigations, searches for hiding debtors of any kind, searches for
  • Anonymous persons slandering your business or private lives.
  • Cause of damage investigation – search for perpetrators!
Investigations for lost or stolen items!
Evidence gathering!
  • private investigation 4Court expert expertise in informatics security, mobile technology, arsons and evidence
Exclusion for court usage – over our partners.
  • Performance checking of individuals!
  • Companies and other business subject’s performance, law and reliability checking!
Counter espionage measures – BUG SWEEP examination of business and private areas,
facilities, vehicles!
  • Alcoholism testing!
  • Job candidate checking – performance, reliability, criminal background checks!
  • Debt, property and finance checking of individuals and companies!
Investigation of business misconduct in all levels – personal, workers, companies, etc..
  • Criminal investigations!
  • Planning and execution of business sensitive data protection – informatics security by
ISO standards, mobile network security, data protection, classification etc.
Court, client, attorney documents delivery.
  • Business intelignece/counter intelingence,
  • Corporate investigations,
  • Security and bodyguard services,
  • GPS tracking.
  • Acording your needs service
  • Security mangement services


Our investigating partners in the United States (USA):

https://www.stlprivateeye.com/ —Shadow Compny Investigations







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