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Global Asset Tracing and Recovery

asset tracing


Based on our professional work and international teams we can help identify and track missing assets – real-world physical assets, financial resources, people and other on a global scale. Our starting information can be derived from a variety of sources – Depth Analysis (Due Diligence), investigations or other sources. After verifying the authenticity of the information and evidence, authentication of location of traced means-persons, we report the client and provide assistance in further steps through our specialist or in cooperation with other relevant experts. We are used to working with legal teams, professional experts and financial experts.

Apolo Security is an internationally networked company with our network of international experts in various fields. We are proud to say that we do not work isolated and alone, we are proud of our network of international contacts, consultants and associates. All these experts are carefully considered and checked to ensure that they share our values, standards, confidentiality and integrity.

That’s why we can offer you a unique service of global reach. We can come almost everywhere, find your property, people who have made you harm, and provide you with adequate processing of responsible companies and individuals.


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