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Bug Sweeping



bug sweeping 1APOLO SECURITY top, professional, and confidential SPY PROTECTION service for business users, businesses, and also for private users. Each of your daily operating spaces, vehicles, utilities are unfortunately subject to eavesdropping, setting up a wiretapping devices, bugs, secretly capturing video devices, sounds, or any combination of different listening and recording measures. Business competition and various carnivores and those who want to do business or private harm are persistent and so witty that they put these devices in places that can not be detected by visual inspection..you need special devices and special teams of professionals to fend this threat off.

Some of the “bugs” are sometimes even embedded in the walls-and the installation of the mask-behind your paintings, closets, floors, ceilings, electrical wiring .. that means it is not possible to find them. Our top professionals with a long history of work on these jobs in specific government services guarantee the ultimate professionalism and quality of the exam. Our special devices, techniques and tactics and knowledge that combined about 75 years of experience in these jobs will solve every security challenge of this kind.

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Anti-Spy controls have their own specific ways of conducting:

  1. Talk with the client, details, needs, opportunities, secrecy or publicity of the review,
  2. Preliminary Examination of Checkpoints – to determine the scope of work and the final price,
  3. An actual ANTI SPY checks of the space – which may take several days – depending on the size and prospect and the complications encountered.
  4. Final report on founded/not founded devices, tampering, suspicious manipulations and disruptions, with a suggestion of further countermeasures.
  5. Countermeasures
  6. AD HOC yearly checks-unexpected ones.

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Very important

If you want to order ANTI SPY services, make sure you do not call us out of the room or the phone you suspect of being tapped or under any kind of supervision. Take precautions and contact us from secure devices, secure emails, by old fashion post office letters.




When to perform anti spy checks:

  1. Suspicion of eavesdropping, secret recording, monitoring and other suspicious events and electronic obstructions,
  2. After completing the work of any kind in your area,
  3. before embarking on new premises,
  4. Prior to important business meetings,
  5. After a long break from the office, home, important rooms that were left unattended.
  6. Your instinctive suspicions.

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We also offer counter-measures such as encrypting all conversations on your mobile phones, and measures the full encryption and protection of all phone lines and fixed and mobile phones your company owns. Additionally, we can make you the finest blockers and detectors of all mobile, WIFI and Bluetooth devices that you can mount in your zone: ZONE WITHOUT MOBILE PHONES AND OTHER EQUIPMENT … and such handheld devices that you can carry at your pockets and have instant detection right at the spot.



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