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Every company and company personnel has to have some certificates to state their abilities and legalities of the work they do. So do we. Without government issued certificates no company can do their business in legal matter and legality is one thing that we value the most. We as company have all needed certificates form government and ministries. The way to get those certificates is not easy. The company and the person behind company has to pas lots of government checks, background checks, even secret service checks. So we do not take our certificates for granted and we do take them and our business seriously, relay seriously.
But our most valued certificate is experience of company owner who is in security business for 26 consecutive years. This certificate is like number 26 in which is cowered all levels of security jobs from doorman in war time, uniform security guard, organizing security, foot soldier, Military Police, Police, Crime Investigation Inspector, Special Police Officer, UN Police Officer, Overseas Services and Owner of the company.







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