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Business Principles

business principles


Basic business cultures of Apolo Security s.l.l.c. are our business principles. We will never stand down on these principles. These principles are foundation of all of ours characteristics of quality. Apolo Security s.l.l.c. believes at conducting business according to all local, national and international laws and regulations. Our principles of business are highlighting  first all their specific business values but not limited to them they highlights special care toward clients, employees, responsible business cooperation ad care toward environment and work spaces.

Apolo Security s.l.l.c. principles of business:

  1. Profesionalism!
  2. Guarantee of quality of our services!
  3. Client communication!
  4. Compliance of human rights by al international and national laws and regulations!
  5. Compliance of all accepted laws and regulations accordingly!
  6. Management and personal responsibilities!
  7. Health and safety at work!
  8. Professionals and fair way of business with clients and suppliers!
  9. Environment protection!
  10. Integration of different area of security!
  11. Concentration of effort/resources for optimal solutions!
  12. Custom tailored solutions!
  13. Hones ratio of invested/obtained!
  14. Dynamic solutions adaptable to ever changing situations in business and life!
  15. Top high quality level of services.
  16. Ethics!

business integrity




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